From first-hand observations to international business

Why abroad? Well, this has a lot to do with our CEO, Mr. Jani Korpela, who was introduced to a new, different society during his exchange student year in Australia in 1993. While living with his host family, he also got to know their grandmother who dwelled in an American-type retirement village. When visiting her for the very first time, Jani instantly noticed something he had never seen in Finland – a doctor walking door to door, a bag in his hand, conducting his routine visits.

The idea apparently began to simmer in Jani’s head. It still took some years and further findings before our company saw the light of day!

In the end of the nineties while Jani was studying in Tampere – his hometown and one of the major cities in Southern Finland – his parents rented out their very spacious childhood home to a private care company, which soon set up a care home in the building. This was among the very first private care homes in Finland, and it catered only for men. Jani regularly helped out – as a dutiful landlord – changing lamps, emptying bins, odd jobs, and he could not but wonder why on earth the owner always drove elderly people to the health center instead of bringing healthcare professionals to the care home?

Later becoming a third generation entrepreneur, Jani developed his thoughts and observations which eventually evolved into a concrete business plan. Convinced and excited, he introduced the idea to his professor at the university and received immediate recognition.

According to that plan, in 2004 Jani started up his own healthcare business, which provides regular healthcare professional home visits for private service providers such as service homes and nursing homes. Today we have a comprehensive database of about 11 000 Finnish healthcare professionals - many of them willing to work abroad with the help of our family business.