Helping local healthcare

Despite our distant location in the northern hemisphere, we are well aware of the concrete lack of healthcare professionals in many other countries. We also know that many of these countries strive to provide sufficient healthcare services, for example by establishing private companies to supply medical workforces.

Our vision would be to relieve the constant shortage of healthcare professionals in these countries, by importing highly skilled and fluent-in English, Finnish healthcare professionals to help their citizens. In practice, this means for example outsourcing, staffing or delivering self-employed Finnish healthcare professionals for local health centers for a certain period.

While at the same time, we would offer Finnish healthcare professionals an interesting possibility to work and gain experience abroad. In this way our vision would enable an expertise exchange between two countries within the scope of our global healthcare system.

With over ten-years experience within the healthcare industry in Finland we are ready to export our expertise abroad. We are especially well-prepared for countries that share a largely similar healthcare system with Finland, hence there is a great reason to believe in our endeavours and that they will work.